About us

Hey there! Thanks for dropping in!!

Let me take a minute to let you know that we are a large tight knit family! My mother had five children and we are all a little crafty. I get lots of questions about the name of my business. TOJ Sand. Well, it's all about my family. I started my business back in 2010 making small items for sale. I was asked what my business name was and started to come up with different ideas. I wanted to represent the most important things to me so, I took the initials for every family member and came up with the name! Every letter in the name represents an initial for one, or two or more of my family members.

This is a small business located in Central Oregon that offers handmade items for you to enjoy! Everything in the store is handcrafted in some way whether it is painted, sewn, or molded! We take pride in our high-quality handcrafted products. We do our best to shop locally for our supplies and we are proud to say we are a made in the USA store!